oh my god what just happened
okay guys.. it will take me days to reply all the messages


the mid term exam is right after next week so I only have an hour to go online so please forgive me for replying late.. :)

gurl it’s all good




✡ Ladies and gentlemen we’re all going to hell ✡

90’s retro cyberspace♡

(๏_๏) - I stalk your blog

(¬_¬) - You should go away

( - ) - I really like you(r blog)

(° o °) - you shock me

(^ 3 ^) - I want to kiss you

(>^ ▽^) > - I want to hug you

°Д°) - You scare me

( T_T ) - You annoy me

(~_~;) - I’m too shy to talk to…

(・・;) - How did I end up here?

(UnU) - you never talk to me

(><) - we should rp!


(^///^) - Something too naughty to say

(X ~ X) - Delete your blog

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it makes me sad that alternative weird fashion that I like is becoming so mainstream because then I’m just like everyone else and it just sucks all of the uniqueness and meaning out of all of the weird fashion I love


I need to be physical with someone. Not even in a sexual way, I just need to feel someone. A hand on mine, or fingers running through my hair. Someone close enough for me to feel their heart. I need the warmth of someone else, and that makes me very sad.

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Stupid people are pretending that this was somehow called racist.
It’s actually just a really awful song paired with a meaningless, boring music video. The dancing is boring, the lyrics make me want to stab myself, and Avril just seems like she’s trying to hard to be punk rock (surprise surprise) I don’t even think there was any hello kitty in the music video??? The only thing that is good about any of this is her outfit and the colours in the music video.

I really do not care about Avril Lagigne’s music or anything, but I just noticed the video was getting a lot of attention so I thought I’d put in my two cents.

As long as I don’t have to listen to it, I am okay.


if i ever get married i am gonna be too embarrassed to kiss my husband in front of everyone, especially my parents, so we will probably just high five or something

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Anonymous asked: What do you think of Avril Lavigne's music video "Hello Kitty"?


It’s like some corporate person said “Hey Japan is popular, it sells $$$$” and then read 1/8th of a pamphlet on hello kitty and made a video with their phone.